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About Us:  
The Spruiell Scrapbook

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We're a very busy family! We live in Marble Falls, Texas.
Our kids are all good students and involved in lots of extracurricular stuff at school in Marble Falls. They play sports at school and in the community leagues.
As a family we are members of The First Baptist Church of Granite Shoals.
We also are members of the Texas Indian Hobbyists Association (TIHA).
Everyone is involved in Boy Scouts, and we've done volunteer work around our community as well as a little acting at the Hill Country Community Theater.

The family that prays together, stays together.
The family that doesn't ends up on Springer!

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Justin's Island

Justin's pages show his Advanced Placement classes at school, playing cornet in the band, playing football and basketball and running track for the Middle School, Native American dancing, Boy Scouts, and being voted in the yearbook as "Most Likely to Become a Gameshow Host" by his classmates!
Corky's World

Corky's pages show him hanging with his friends at school, playing cornet in band, playing football & basketball,  running track and refereeing soccer (he's a certified referee!), Native American dancing, Boy Scouts, A-B Honor Roll, and being chased by (or is it chasing?) cheerleaders!
Randy's Superpage

Randy's pages will show you what a great student he is (Perfect Attendance & A-B Honor Roll), pictures of his soccer, basketball, and track events, Native American dancing, Cub Scouts (Webelos), and placing in the UIL art contest 3 years in a row!
Landon's Links

Landon's pages are the place to go to learn about this pre-school bundle of engergy! He has won ribbons for Native American dancing, summer track, and he has done some beautiful refrigerator artwork.
Jesse & Shelli
Jesse & Shelli

Jesse and Shelli's pages have some fun information about their high school days, stuff about Jesse coaching and refereeing soccer (he's a certified ref!), Boy Scout leadership recognitions, great pictures from performances at the Hill Country Community Theater, links to essays and college work that Shelli had put in the UT and UTA libraries (!), and a link to stuff about her trip to Scotland.

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Our Pets

We have some of the strangest animals!
Click on the pawprint to go to their page.

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Vacation ChairVacations
"If you look like your passport picture, you probably need the trip!"
Erma Bombeck

We've mostly been on vacation in Texas , but here are links to pages with some pictures and memories from those trips!

San Antonio, Texas

Dallas & Fort Worth, Texas

Houston & Galveston, Texas

Dinosaur Valley State Park

Disney World, Orlando FL

Marfa, Texas & Carlsbad, N.M.

Corpus Christi & Padre Island, Texas

Our special page with Road Trip Tips

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This page updated on
August 10, 2002