Shelli & Jesse's WWWedding Scrapbook

Jesse & Shelli
Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Spruiell
University Park
Baptist Church
Odessa, Texas


Ashley -- Flower Girl
Ashley--Flower Girl
Shelli's little sister
Groom & Groomsmen--da boyz!
The Groom & Groomsmen
Terry--his best friend and Best Man
Tim--his brother
Mickey--Shelli's Brother


Shelli's little brother Aaron, (age 18 months) was chosen to be the ring-bearer.
But....during rehearsal he chose to carry the pillow on his head, so we just had to have the Best Man and Matron of Honor carry the rings!


Shelli's best friend from
Junior High
Matron of Honor
Shelli's best friend from
High School


Shelli's best friend from
During rehearsal, when the preacher asked
"who gives this woman"

Shelli & Bob--The Bride & the Father of the Bride


Bob (Shelli's Dad) said,
"You can have her!"
Brother Greene, Terry (Best Man), Jesse, Shelli, and Tammy (Matron of Honor)
The Ceremony
Performed by Brother Greene
"I do!"


The Infamous Garter Photo
The Garter was "Something Blue"
From the look on Jesse's face, he's not to blue about the situation at all!
Shelli's little brother, Aaron (age 18 months) caught the garter--all the other single guys ran from it!)


Shelli, Jesse, & Carol
Shelli and Carol
The 2 Mrs. Spruiells!
Cutting the Cake
Let them eat cake!
Wedding Cake
Eating the Cake
It's hard to believe we got through this moment without smearing icing on each other!
Shelli had to hold onto Jesse's hand to keep him "honest!"


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