4th of July Melodramas

Presented at Quail Point by
The Hill Country Community Theater



Front of Playbill from "Happyville" at HCCT

Cast List from Playbill of "Happyville" at HCCT


These are not very clear pictures,
but it was a VERY small auditorium!

Curtain call by the whole cast

The whole cast does a curtain call.
Justin played a townsperson

Jessie and Jessie size up the situation.

Shelli as "Jessie"
on the left

Meredith as her sister, "Jessie"
on the right


Ragweed Cowboy Joe

Front of Playbill from "Ragweed Cowboy Joe" at HCCT


Cast List from Playbill of "Ragweed Cowboy Joe" at HCCT


We can't find the pictures for this,
but Justin played a local town child
and Shelli had 2 parts:
one of the Saloon Girls and a local town MAN!


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